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 Hand Therapy      

We understand that the journey is just as important, with that in mind our specialists offer a perfect combination of indulgence and relaxation. 

Spa Manicure

Our luxurious signature conditioning treatment manicures, shapes, exfoliates, nourishes and tidies. Designed to help fight the signs of ageing. 

duration / 60 minutes - £35 with polish. £43 with gels 

Just Gel Hands

File and shaping of the nails, gel application (no cuticle work)

duration / 30 minutes - £25

Simple File & Paint

duration / 15 minutes £16 (polish)

duration / 45 minutes - £30

*soak offs on gels NOT applied at Vanilla Spa -£15

Soak Off on its own


Soak off including nail shaping, buffing, hand cream and treatment base coat.

Soak Off & Just Gel Hands 

duration / 25 minutes £20

Full on Cover Nail Tips 

The latest soak off, quick application, hard gel full coverage tip. includes gel application

duration / 75 mins £45

Soak Off and new set of Full on Cover Nail Tips 

duration / 90 minutes £53

Spa Pedicure 

Pure therapy for your feet! this luxury treatment includes - 

Nail cutting / shaping / filling

Cuticle work

Exfoliation & moisturise

Hard skin attention (rasp)



Polish or gels

duration / 75 minutes - £43 with polish / £47 with gels

Your Pedicure 

Foot Therapy

Your pedicure... just for you and just the way you like it, our first ever 'pick your own' pedicure, you get to choose 4 of the following to make 'YOUR PEDICURE'

1. Nail cutting / shaping / filling

2. Cuticle work

3. Exfoliation & moisturise

4. Hard skin attention (rasp)

5. Mask

6. Massage

7. Polish

8. Gels


duration / 45 minutes - £33 with polish / £37 with gels 

Just Gel Toes

File and shaping of the nails, gel application (not cuticles work)

duration / 30 minutes £25 

Simple File & Paint

duration  / 15 minutes £16 (polish) 

Soak Off & Just Gel Toes

duration / 45 minutes £30

Callus Peel Treatment*

Our quick, effective treatment banishes hard skin and calluses, leaving your feet flip-flop ready.

duration / 25 minutes - £28

Whilst results can be seen after the first treatment, we do recommend a repeat treatment every 2-3 weeks. For best results avoid swimming and water treatment 30 minutes prior to your treatment and continue with the homecare plan between treatments. 

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