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Cut & Finish



Color Consultation/Treatment


Deep Cleanse


Revitalize your skin with our deep cleansing facial. Taking care of our skin is a crucial part of self-care. This luxurious treatment utilizes various steps, including exfoliation, steam and extraction and the use of ice globes. Our deep cleansing facial provides multiple benefits, from ensuring a clean and healthy complexion to promoting relaxation and stress relief. 

duration / 35 minutes £43


Looking to escape the daily grind? Why not treat yourself to a luxurious de-stress facial tailored specifically for you. This revitalizing treatment combines the power of steam and extraction, a soothing facial massage, ice globes and a rejuvenation mask to provide you with the ultimate relaxation experience. Reconnect with your inner calm, whilst your skin reaps the benefits of this exceptional treatment.

duration / 70minutes £70
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Hair Removal

Waxing - Hot Wax with Lycon

Our premium waxing system offers superb results, is virtually pain-free and can be used on hair with only 1mm growth.   Offering long lasting effective way to remove unwanted hair.







Laser Hair Removal - Elipse IPL

Elipse IPL is an effective hair removal, providing a longer-lasting solution.

Mid. brows/ears/nose 

6 sessions / £190
Single top up / £30

Full face

6 sessions / £472
Single top up / £77

Upper lip/chin

6 sessions / £220
Single top up / £35


6 sessions / £316
Single top up / £51

Upper lip & chin

6 sessions / £250
Single top up / £40

Sides of face

6 sessions / £250
Single top up / £40

Eye Treatments

Eyebrow tint

duration  / 10 minutes 

Eyelash Tint

duration / 20 minutes

Eyelash & Brow Tint

duration / 25 minutes 

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