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30 minutes / £40

45 minutes / £45

60 minutes / £58


30 minutes / £47

45 minutes / £54

60 minutes / £71

90 minutes / £83

30 minutes / £45

45 minutes / £52

60 minutes / £69

75 minutes / £77

Why not add hot stones to any of our massages for just £25.

 Pre-Natal Massage

soothing & relieving

A deep nourishing treatment for the body. We will start with the Divine scrub to exfoliate the dead cells followed by an application of Divine Oil and Vine body butter for a deep moisture treatment, massaged onto the skin and then wrap to cocoon the skin with hydration. This treatment includes a full scalp treatment.

duration / 30 minutes - £55
duration / 60 minutes - £80

Universal Contour Wrap

The only scientifically proven inch-loss wrap is perfect for those looking to kick-start a weight-loss plan or target stubborn areas. Regardless of shape or size, our unique formula will help tighten and tone your body.

duration / 135 minutes - £77
course of 3 treatments - £220

CACI Stretch Mark Treatment

Refines and softens the appearance of stretch marks and scarring by nourishing the skin, stimulating tissue repair and encouraging healing.

duration / 40 minutes - £47
course of 6 treatments - £235

Back Cleanse

Whether it's an Acne breakout, prepping for the perfect tan or getting rid of dead skin, we tailor our treatment to your needs. Our back cleanse includes a full back body brush, heated mitt cleanse, exfoliation, massage (of your choice) and a deep cleansing mask.

duration / 60 minutes - £63


Full body: duration / 30 minutes - £37
Express exfoliation & moisturisation: duration / 40 minutes - £44

Spray Tanning

Offering a naturally sun-kissed look, that lasts up to 4 times longer than regular tanning products. Using only the purest paraben free ingredients, natural marine minerals take the nourishing benefits of coral, seaweed and coastal flowers, to leave your skin beautifully soft.  

Full body - £25
Legs - £13
Express exfoliation & full body tan - £33


More than simply a foot massage, Reflexology can rid your body of toxins, help to improve your metabolism and stimulate your nervous system - a particularly beneficial treatment for mothers-to-be, as well as those who suffer from severe headaches and migraines. 

duration / 60 minutes - £57

Indian Head Massage

A drift away massage designed to target those areas most vulnerable to tension; namely the shoulders, scalp, neck and face. By boostingpositive energy flow it can help alleviate headaches, stress, eye strain and sinus problems. 

duration / 45 minutes - £50

Hot Stones

A combination of smooth heated stones are placed upon the body to warm up tight muscles; allowing your therapist to work more deeply and to create greater relaxation - perfect for individuals who may be stressed, are unable to sleep, suffering from pain or needing a boost to their general well being. 

Back, neck & shoulders: duration / 45 minutes - £63
Full body: duration / 60 minutes - £75
Full body, scalp & face: duration / 90 minutes - £87

Hopi Ear Candles

Biosun ear candles are placed in the ear canal to draw out excess wax, in turn soothing the head and ears and calming the mind to alleviate stress and tension. 

duration / 45 minutes - £41

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